Dog thieves are scum. I just wanted to say it first up. This blog is a convenient filing cabinet for all things interesting, at least to me.

If you want to help find my dogs please

check out their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AjaxandStamp


The stranger who took Ajax and Stamp off the street when they got out, and drove them away in his car and chose never to contact me even after extensive advertising, is real bottom of the slime-pond scum. If I could say it to his face I would tell him, ‘May you suffer as I suffer, you low life piece of tapeworm excrement, and when your time is up may your end be slow, painful and itchy.’

Other than wishing all the blights of the Earth on thieving scum who steal companion animals from their loving families, I am a nice person.

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  1. Puffy is a very nice person indeed—I have met her in real life so can attest to that.

    And dog thieves are bottom of the slime pond scum. Being a thief is bad enough but dogs are companions, not fucking objects! Living things that get distressed on being separated from their Pack Leader, the person of most importance in their lives.

    After I had my chihuahua Tiffany put down—poor dear all dehydrated from liver or kidney cancer I walked out the animal hospital and cried like a baby. Had her for 14 years, came with me to work, hell, came with me to visit clients! Slept in my bed—a habit of chis for some reasons.

    My present terrier bitch whose photo you see in my gravatar is bloody aggravating as only terriers can be, running out the ring in obedience trials, trying to kill my chickens if left outside unsupervised for too long—but losing her would be devastating.

    Look after your dogs! Purebreeds should not be left tied up outside shops! Do not accept help from strangers to walk your dogs if you have two or more dogs—one could walk into the stranger’s car and away! Especially purebred bitches not desexed—they could end up in a puppy farm!

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