The Afterglow in the Hearth.


There is a debt owing to the people of Australia by the Liberal National is a debt so tremendous, I doubt it can ever be repaid save by the complete dissolution of that fraudulent morass of political traitors. It is a debt for the destruction not just of the democratically elected government of Gough Whitlam , but also the execution of the rising spirit of hope for a reborn Australia..”infanticide” if you like..because after the many years of suffocating, half-dead, half- alive governance of the Menzies era, the next generation..the Boomers..were rising to take control of a new wave of political responsibility for social change that would bring more equity and social justice to our spiritually deprived country.

There was a rising world movement at the end of the sixties that lifted a whole generation out of the cloying clutches of tyrannical patriarchal control ..of violent militaristic ambitions..a liberation…

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